Directed by:Summer Twins (Chelsea and Justine Brown)
Shot, Edited, and Graded by: Benji Newell
Camera Assistants: Joy Newell, Joey Bryan, Paul Black, Scott Starr, Everyone Else

My sister Joy did a photo-shoot with the Summer Twins at the beginning of the year. I liked their style and thought they would have a lot of good ideas for a music video, but it took a while to schedule some free time to finally shoot a video for them as it wasn’t a paid gig. The only thing I asked was that the band budget for me to rent some nice lenses to shoot with and we busted it out gorilla style with friends and family contributing random props and equipment.

I discussed the story a little with Chelsea and Justine a prior to shooting, but for the most part I let them take creative direction of the project. Chelsea knew exactly what she wanted so I was able to concentrate more on being the director of photography and making it look good. I’ve been spending a lot of time key-framing and doing mindless editing, so it was a great exercise to get out and do some shooting!

Highlight of the shoot was packing Justine’s bed into my truck (along with everyone else) and driving out to the badlands of Yucaipa for the pillow fight. Feathers are bio-degradable…right?

Thanks to everyone who helped out and especially Mark Griffith for donating his 5D without which many shots wouldn’t have come out the same.

Behind the Scenes

Thanks to Joy for throwing this video together: